Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why did I create the Minority Networking Exchange?

Why did I create the Minority Networking Exchange?

Why did I create the Minority Networking Exchange, Inc. I created the MNE, Inc. because of my concern about the retention of minority owned businesses. I wanted to create an organization that would provide a support system to business owners. Pittsburgh needed a new organization that would address networking opportunities. The MNE, Inc. will provide multiple events per month. These events will create opportunities for collaboration, learning and revenue. My vision is for the members of the MNE, Inc. to become the vocal leaders of the black community. As business owners and leaders - We must provide mentorship opportunities for our youth. Teach them that they too can become Entrepreneur’s!

Many successful businesses should make it their priority to help MENTOR new and growing businesses.

My focus with MNE is bring people together are in business, thinking about going into business and people interested in the development of minority owned businesses.

I thank God for this opportunity because I really didn't want to do this! I wanted a business where I was going to make instant money........

But I have been shown that my calling is help and lead others and I'll be blessed in return........

Coming soon information about the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church "Entrepreneurs for Christ" Ministry.


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